Monday, December 15, 2008

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Lol , its been so long since an update haha.

However since got pple complain (lol) then here goes..

Lets see, things in a nutshell..
Enlist into Tekong - Do BMT - Got alot darker and lost alot of weight - IPPT still fail - SOC fall into barbed wire ( so deamed as fail ) - POP and now enjoying a well deserved break while waiting for posting ( fingers crossed )

Went to try Mad Jack Cafe today with Jac , Zm , Vic , Yy and Cel.. Food was alright, nothing really to wow about. Tried their signature tallest burger in town.. not the best burger i've had , but hey not the worse either.

( Hey mad Jack if you're reading this, go give the burger at Seah Street Diner a try and see if you can come up with something better =p )

After that went to eat Rocher Beancurd - I had no idea they served cold bean curd! i've been eating the hot ones all along cause the last time i asked , they said they didn't serve O.O

Oh well was great catching up here and there but sadly had to run off kinda early..
Well that wraps it up for now :)

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Terrible Project

Woah i can't take is anymore.
This is by far the worse website project i've taken up.

It's been nightmare after nightmare! Beware of the company motor1stop!

Stupid clients have been so nitty gritty about the interface and keep making changes to the backend and it's all changing and changing and changing non-stop. Seriously damn pissed off at them.

Been dragging so long - that's it , must rush to wrap up liao. If still drag somemore i'm canceling this project and dropping it.


Sunday, June 15, 2008

Pariss International Buffet ( Marina Square )

Today's father's day and dinner was at Pariss International ( the Marina Square branch )
I've never eaten at Paris before, however sadly it was a pretty disappointing experience for me.

For the about we paid ( About 45 bucks per person ) i could have gotten a better international buffet elsewhere. Or even if i had to top up abit more for a better buffet - fankly i wouldn't mind.

Anyway lets start with the review!
Deco : Nothing fancy, visually the place looks very cluttered.
Service : The people on the phone were not friendly, plates were cleared slowly.

Food - i shall go through it cuisine by cuisine.

Seafood - Despite the whole range of seafoods available, The seafood was not really fresh. The worse among the lot was the Black Pepper Crab. Seriously, the crab wasn't of good quality, i had abit and felt terrible. - 4/10

Japanese Food - one word - pathetic. Sushi wasn't well done, variety was bad. Sushi Tei serves tastier Sashimi , only thing that was ok was the Chawamushi. 2/10

Chinese - Was ok , fried rice , fried vegetables , some dim sum , lotsa deep fried stuff, IMO chinese food was quite standard, nothing special. - 6/10

Grill ( Western ) - Portions are very small. Quality is not impressive either. I like the idea that it's cooked to order, but when i ordered beef steak, i expect a chunk of meat. To my disappointment, they served me a SLICE OF BEEF. About the thickness of 1 1/2 Compact Flash cards! - 5/10

Desserts - The desert fridge was quite a disappointment. Cakes were nothing special. It's like those kinda cakes that you get from those budget high teas. ( small , not so tasty , mass produced ones ) They served durain puffs with FROZEN durain paste inside! - That's unacceptable! It tasted horrible! Dessert was a huge disappointment. Ice cream was ok though. Standard nothing special - 4/10

They did put in some effort by providing a range of teas though - however that's not enough to compensate for the mediocre level of food quality they offer.

Overall Contentment level - 3.5/10.
Value for money - 3/10

Honestly, i regretted eating there, i should have went to Pan pacific hotel or to eat instead.
Oh well - Just my opinion.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Get you Car Cleaned at Thasevi Jalan Kayu Prata Restaurant

Something interesting caught my eye today.
I was hungry for some prata, so went down to Thasevi - Famous Jalan Kayu prata for lunch.
After ordering my food etc i took a seat.

Looking around, i noticed a BMW pull into the front lot of the shop.
Now comes the interesting part.

Out came an Indian man ( noticeably well dressed - Probably the Boss ) . He shut the door and approached one of the staff of the "restaurant" and signaled to him to clean his car!

The staff ( who was a young Chinese man ) then, picked up a cloth from the nearby table and began wiping the BMW!

Now, i'm not sure if it's in the staff's contract or not, but something doesn't feel right.

1) Is it hygienic for this to be done? Cloth wipe Car - Cloth Wipe tables? Would you use your car sponge to clean your dinner table ?

2) Maybe i'm thinking too much, but why does the Chinese guy have to do the cleaning? There're so many other staff standing around - and he picks this guy. Unless it's his job - i'd say it's racism. The rest of the staff just stood around and did nothing lol

3) Is this abusing your staff? To the best of my knowledge :
Waiter - Clears Tables , Serves Food, Cleans restaurant at end of day.
Car Washer - Wash Cars , Polish Cars , Cleans Cars
Dish Washer - Wash Dishes & Culinary
So if this boss decides to drive his entire fleet of cars to the restaurant, this guy's gotta clean them all up?

Oh well, i know i won't be eating here in a long time.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Just got this news today. Oh man, this must be devastating for his family.
Come to think of it, i'm enlisting soon too ._.

NS Recruit dies after training walk

A 20-YEAR-OLD national serviceman died in hospital after he fainted during training on Pulau Tekong on Tuesday morning.

Recruit Andrew Cheah Wei Siong had only enlisted five days ago into national service.
The polytechnic graduate fainted at 8.35am while he was taking part in a 2km walk at the Basic Military Training Centre on the island. He was given immediate medical attention by doctors.

At 9.24am, Mr Cheah was evacuated by helicopter to the Singapore General Hospital. Medical staff from the Singapore Armed Forces continued to resuscitate him en route.

However, they failed to revive him and he was pronounced dead at 10.50am at SGH. The Defence Ministry is investigating the incident.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008


Phew been rather busy lately.
By the time i got the time to blog i've already ran out of energy!

Been very tied up with work recently.
There seems to be a never ending stream of work.

Hmmm just had some R&R over the weekend.
Caught the movie Iron Man.
Turned out better than i expected :)
Not alot of action IMO. But still i'd give it an overall- 9/10

My poor KIA is in the garage after an accident.
Good thing i've got insurance haha
They've given me a Mitsubishi Lancer as a replacement :)

So.. quick review of the car!
Power : Good acceleration, smooth.
Handling : Handles well despite everything being stock lol
Fuel Consumption : Drinks Petrol like no body's business
Comfort : Cotton Fabric like- Cushion seats. Not that comfy - i prefer the smell of leather
Noise : I feel as if i'm driving a tin can on the road. It .. feels .. hollow lol

Yup will take a picture and post it when i got the time lol

In anycase , that's all for now!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Phew its been forever since an update. lol
A brief recap of what's been going on.

- Work's been piling up and i'm in dire need of a personal assistant capable of doing graphics / web design - working long hours - low pay : An employers dream lol if there's anyone out there looking for work - contact me!

- Began flyer distribution business again : Tough work but can be pretty rewarding too

- Did photo coverage for an event recently. It was fun :)

- Started learning Knitting ( don't laugh ! )


Went for SMU interview today. I went in and came out and got no idea what happened. It was as if a bus hit me and i got no idea what happened lol

Met some nice pple there - from other JCs and Polytechnics ( no NYP =x )

Process was quite expected - For SIS.
Step 1 - Talk about at article.
Step 2 - Talk about your strengths / passions / experience
Step 3 - Do a crazy question ( Those type without much of an answer )
Step 4 - Why SMU ? Why SIS?

After that, had the cheapest dinner i've had in a very long time - $2.50 Chicken Rice @ Dolby Ghaut
Honestly it wasn't so bad! =)

Dolby Exchange - CR Chicken Rice - $2.50 , Full Tummy xD

Well that's all for now!